Frequently Asked Questions

What does Salvon Africa deal with?

Salvon africa is a privately incorporated company that deal with Microcredit advancement,Properties and construction.Our key ares of focus being Micro loans and properties

Where can I find Salvon offices?

We are strategically based in NaKuru and Mombasa counties .Our aim being to tap opportunities at both end and ensure we create the best relations with our customers

Why Nakuru County?

Nakuru county and specifically Naivasha is on growth trajectory.We aim to tap upcoming opportunities that will bbe brought about by among other this

What if I want property in other regions where you are not stationed?

We highly believe in answering the need of our customers.In case we dont have what they want,we can always refer them to trusted organisations where they can get help

Who qualifies to get a loan from Salvon?

We have different kinds of loans and described in our list of products.Our aim is to make sure that our customers remain in their core business as we sort out their financial needs. Therefore, Salvon loans are available for everyone who qualifies

Can I access the loans from anywhere?

At the moment, we are only available in the two counties but are having plans to roll out to other regions in the near future